Lasik vision correction

Around five years back most people were under the impression that it is safer to wear contact lenses in place of getting a laser surgery done. But this has changed over the years with the introduction of newer technology (as microkeratome is replaced by an eximer laser) as well as more informed and competent treatment being practiced.
Almost every one of the contact lens users has at one time or the other used them incorrectly leading to various eye infections. That is where Lasik comes as a solution to all your problems.

The patient is asked to stop using contact lenses a month before the surgery. This is done to help the cornea retain its natural shape.

Once you have settled on getting the surgery done your doctor will schedule an eye evaluation examination for you. Lasik vision correction can be done on most patients unless they have a history of a serious eye inflammation, such as uveitis or iritis or a case of severe eye dryness.

In the operating room, the doctor will use an antiseptic solution followed by a numbing solution which will help you relax. An instrument known as lid speculum is inserted in the eye to aid in keeping your eyes open throughout the procedure. After this a ring like device is inserted to hold the cornea in place. This instrument causes a sensation of pressure but no pain. Now with the help of an eximer laser a flap is cut into the tissue in front of your cornea. You will be made to stare at a light while the ophthalmologist carries out the surgery as this will keep your cornea fixed. After the surgery your eye will be covered for a few hours. This is an ambulatory procedure, you will need someone to assist you after the operation and drive you home since there is no need for an over-night stay at the hospital.


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