Lasik Reviews

Lasik surgery is a type refractive surgery and is used to correct myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism. It was first conducted in the middle of the twentieth century and has developed and improved quite tremendously since then and has become one of the most preferred treatments for correcting eye disorders.

Most Lasik surgeries are safe and have a very high success rate of almost 91-92 per cent. Costumer satisfaction is also quite high. According to surveys conducted for determining the customer satisfaction rate of Lasik eye surgeries, satisfaction falls in the range of 92-98 per cent, which is first-rate.

Initially, when Lasik was introduced, it was met with mixed reviews and till 2005-06, most people believed that it was a safer option to wear contact lenses in place of getting laser surgery done. That has been view point has been challenged as researchers have probed further and come up with improved technology. Usage of eximer laser has made the surgery safer and the results are more than just satisfactory.

Sometimes infection or scarring of the cornea happens when the eye of the patient is too dry or the patient has a history of eye inflammation. In one out of thousand cases gone wrong, patients have complained of a blurry vision, over-sensitivity to light, glares after the operation but it is also to be understood that for most patients vision doesn’t improve right away but takes a few weeks. Some patients have to also continue wearing their glasses or contact lenses after the operation but the usage and the number of the glasses is lesser.

Lasik has gained popularity over the years and the more and more patients are benefitting from this surgery. A few satisfactory pre-operating sessions will insure that you know your ophthalmologist as well as the pros and cons of the surgery very well before you make the big decision.


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