Benefits of Recumbent Exercise Bikes

In the past few years there has been a resurgence of a kind of bicycle that hasn’t been commonly seen in nearly seventy years: the recumbent bicycle. Recumbent bikes have been around practically since the beginning of bicycles, and now they are cropping up in gyms and physical therapy rehab centers in the form of recumbent exercise bikes.

As unusual as they look, these new exercise machines are quickly gaining followers, and for good reason. Recumbent exercise bikes have several benefits over traditional upright exercise bicycles.

The Seat

Recumbent exercise bikes use a standard bucket seat.

· The seat is more comfortable then the seat on traditional upright bikes

· People who are overweight can sit in it more easily

· It does not put pressure on a man’s perineal nerve like traditional bike seats (which may lead to impotence).

The Position

A person in a recumbent exercise bike sits back with their legs stretched in front of them. There is no need of handle bars, and not hunching over in the seat.

· The recumbent position puts less strain on the low back, prevent low back pain and letting a person exercise for longer without hurting themselves

· Sitting upright prevents neck problems from bending over the handle bars

· No need or way to put weight on the hands, which in traditional bikes can lead to wrist strain and ligament injuries

The Workout

The differences in a recumbent exercise bike can lead to a better workout.

· Glutes are used all the time, not just when standing

· Lack of strain on low back and wrists means workouts can continue longer

· All leg muscles are used

· Some recumbent exercise bikes with a more reclined position also work the abdominal muscles.

Recumbent exercise bikes aren’t available in all gyms, but they are becoming more common every year. People who are used to upright bicycles may prefer to continue using them, but anyone who is using cycling as part of their cardio program should consider trying a recumbent exercise bike to see it is better for their workout.


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